27 February 2010

left to the imagination

Smith: Look what I'm gonna do.
Wolfie: I'm drawing with water!
Max: Look at mine. It looks weird. It's changing every color.Hugo: I want red.
Wolfie: (to Hugo) I have red too! (to Max) You're using blue!
Max: Yeah, that's because it's my favorite color.
Wolfie: And red and blue and yellow and aqua are my favorite colors!Smith: What's aqua?
Wolfie: A color.
Smith: I like making grey out of watercolors. Look at mine . . . it's 3 different volcanos trying to blow up the city. My volcano turned into a peanut. These are peanuts shooting out the volcanos.
The peanuts got stuck in there. Someone threw peanuts in there. I like this! I like water pencils! I like mine! The peanuts have some hot lava in them. If someone eats those peanuts they will blow up. Hot lava is supposed to be grey because the peanuts made them grey. . . I like how mine is kinda. . . . .
. . .
Bianca: Kinda what?
Smith: Well, you don't need to know!!


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