31 January 2010

fiber collages

Elena: That's funny music [we're listening to a Silver Apples CD]. Why's that music so funny?
Smith: I don't know why. Maybe because they wanted to laugh at it.
Tristan: Look what I did. I sticked it on. I'm making a beautiful thing for my mom!All: Me too!
Elena: Mine's really pretty! . . . Look at this really long thing!
Oliver: You have to pick an object and then glue it down. Right? You know why I'm using a lot of glue? Because I'm gluing a lot of things so my mom be really proud!Smith: I think she will be!
Tristan: I'm really good at cutting. I'm just cutting little pieces.
Smith: See what I'm cutting?
Tristan: Wow! Are you finished?
Smith: No. I'm trying to make an "A".
Elena: It's doesn't look like one.
Smith: That's because I'm not done yet.
Oliver: I'm done! I wanna make a second one! [a little later, after starting a second one] I'm cutting out very cool pieces! These look really cool, right?
Smith: I'm making it all the way across.Elena: Look what I'm doing. I cut some of it. I'm making something really pretty for my mom.Oliver: Me too!
Smith: Me too!
Oliver: I gotta glue mine quickly! ... I'm making this for my mom.Elena: I think she's going to love it, Oliver!!