07 August 2011

SUMMER CAMP 2011: Surrealism

The kids had lots of fun this week thinking up strange scenarios during our Surrealism camp. They worked together on exquisite corpses, looked for imagery in paint blots ala Max Ernst, made paintings inspired by Magritte's 'The False Mirror', made a surrealist movie, wrote surreal stories together, and more!

Surreal story by Kesar, Zoe, Benny, Wolfie, Oliver, and Clementine:

"I drove to The Painted Cloud and then The Painted Cloud turned into a big big field that had many big fruits and vegetables that were bigger than a house and then a giant snake came and was chasing me around and then it ate your head off and then I jumped onto the snake's back and put a prickly cucumber spine into his back. Then the class turned back into The Painted Cloud and then The Painted Cloud turned into a giant robot that ate cucumbers and I stabbed him in the back cause I didn't know he was a good guy and then the clouds made him a good guy again and the snake could fly so he flew up to the clouds and he found a mushroom and he ate it and a knife was in there and he got stabbed"

Surreal poem by Smith, Benny, Oliver, Beatrice, Ava, Wolfie and Kesar:

A cat was walking and then ate a snake and then turned into a snake
But then the snake ate noodles
Sometimes I eat noodles too much and my mommy says I'm going to turn into a noodle
And then the snake got sick and went down the toilet
And then a dragon ate the giant noodle snake
I was just sitting in a house looking at a golden ring with jewels on it