26 March 2010

hot or cold?

Today we are thinking about the idea of "warm" and "cool" colors. At the beginning of the class we discussed why a color might be considered "warm" or "cool" and we looked at some colors together. We looked at how a color that is usually considered cool (blue, green, purple) or warm (red, orange, yellow) might really be the opposite (for example: a bright reddish purple could be warm). The kids then begin the project: to organize a pile of materials into a warm vs. cool collage.

Rene: Hot or cold, Time?
Time: Hot.
Rene: Hot or cold, Ever?
Ever: Cold, I think that's cold.
Time: Actually I think it's cold because it has some grey.
Rene: [to me] Hot or Cold? Bianca: What do you think?
Rene: Cold.
Time: I like Summer because you can go to the beach. [To Rene] Wouldn't it be cool if we could go to the beach together? . . . Hot or cold?
Rene: Cold.
Ever: This is my hot side and this is my cold side. This is cold because it's blue and this is hot because it's red. These are hot [points to pink pom-poms] and that is cold [points to a blue piece of paper]. Rene: [holds up a gold ribbon] This is hot right?
Time: That looks hot.
Izadora: This has to be Summer for tulips right? Do you think this is like a Summery one [holds up a green pom-pom]?Bianca: What do you think?
Izadora: Yeah!
Lola: This green has more blue in it so it's a cold color.


21 March 2010

warm sun

It feels incredible to have warm weather again! We were all so happy to get to play and make art out on our back deck this week! I hope you've all been outside enjoying the sunshine this weekend too!

12 March 2010

11 March 2010

rainbow rice

Smith: We're making pictures of colored rice. I'm making concrete. It's a really messy job. My concrete is under glue.
Oliver: I'm drawing my mom because I love her. It has to be unique. Unique means it has to be different.Leo: Look what I've done. A little bit of rainbow.Smith: Everyone knows a rainbow.
Oliver: I do blue.
Smith: I made a purse right there. It has peanuts! It has exploded peanuts!
Oliver: I want some red.
Smith: This is kinda like pixie dust.Leo: I mixed the green and blue and white together.
Elena: What happens when I mix green and purple and white? . . . First I put green then I put purple then i put white and it made purple with a big white circle!Smith: Look what I made it's a pirate ship.
Oliver: I want some orange.
Elena: Mine's gonna come out beautiful!
Oliver: Mine too!
Smith: Now this rice is gonna stick to this piece of paper because there's some rice under this glue. It's supposed to be a building. Here's the monster. Here's his eyes!