19 May 2010

finding images in abstract paintings

Elena: I found a triangle in mine. It's a cute little triangle.
Smith: I found a dog bone ship. Ooh! Nice -- a little cave!
Leo: Look -- he has six eyes! Look at this alien! He's scary! Ha ha ha!Oliver: I found a "ti-ti" in mine!
Bianca: What is a "ti-ti"?
Oliver: Like in music class.Bianca: What does a "ti-ti" look like?
Oliver: Like right here is a "ta". I gotta lotta cool stuff here. We're getting it done!
Elena: Look at what I wanna do! Look at what I'm doing! Oliver this is fun!
Oliver: Yeah! (Oliver notices the hole in Elena's artwork) I wanna rip a hole in this -- how do you rip a hole in this on purpose? (scratches the paper with the pen) Oh! The paint comes off when I do that!
Leo: Oh! I wanna see what they're doing!
Smith: Me too!

Smith & Leo walk over to the table where Elena and Oliver are working.

: Look at this one too! Look! The road goes all the way around and connects back there!Smith and Leo return to their table.

: There's a skeleton bone! Look! A gold stone... another funny gold stone shape... look at this gold stone...Elena: I wanna see! (Elena walks over to Smith) ... Wow!Smith goes over to see Elena's artwork

: I wanna do what Elena did! Rip! (returns to his artwork) ... Look I made a little hole!... I made a giant hole!Brendan: What are you up to Elena?
Elena: I'm just not doing particular things. I'm just doing things that aren't real that are just shapes. That's what I'm finding.


shaking rock painting!