19 May 2010

finding images in abstract paintings

Elena: I found a triangle in mine. It's a cute little triangle.
Smith: I found a dog bone ship. Ooh! Nice -- a little cave!
Leo: Look -- he has six eyes! Look at this alien! He's scary! Ha ha ha!Oliver: I found a "ti-ti" in mine!
Bianca: What is a "ti-ti"?
Oliver: Like in music class.Bianca: What does a "ti-ti" look like?
Oliver: Like right here is a "ta". I gotta lotta cool stuff here. We're getting it done!
Elena: Look at what I wanna do! Look at what I'm doing! Oliver this is fun!
Oliver: Yeah! (Oliver notices the hole in Elena's artwork) I wanna rip a hole in this -- how do you rip a hole in this on purpose? (scratches the paper with the pen) Oh! The paint comes off when I do that!
Leo: Oh! I wanna see what they're doing!
Smith: Me too!

Smith & Leo walk over to the table where Elena and Oliver are working.

: Look at this one too! Look! The road goes all the way around and connects back there!Smith and Leo return to their table.

: There's a skeleton bone! Look! A gold stone... another funny gold stone shape... look at this gold stone...Elena: I wanna see! (Elena walks over to Smith) ... Wow!Smith goes over to see Elena's artwork

: I wanna do what Elena did! Rip! (returns to his artwork) ... Look I made a little hole!... I made a giant hole!Brendan: What are you up to Elena?
Elena: I'm just not doing particular things. I'm just doing things that aren't real that are just shapes. That's what I'm finding.


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  1. I continue to be amazed at the art concepts and applications that you are having with such young children while they are having such fun sharing and appreciating the ideas of each other. The summer camp programs look great !!