27 February 2010

left to the imagination

Smith: Look what I'm gonna do.
Wolfie: I'm drawing with water!
Max: Look at mine. It looks weird. It's changing every color.Hugo: I want red.
Wolfie: (to Hugo) I have red too! (to Max) You're using blue!
Max: Yeah, that's because it's my favorite color.
Wolfie: And red and blue and yellow and aqua are my favorite colors!Smith: What's aqua?
Wolfie: A color.
Smith: I like making grey out of watercolors. Look at mine . . . it's 3 different volcanos trying to blow up the city. My volcano turned into a peanut. These are peanuts shooting out the volcanos.
The peanuts got stuck in there. Someone threw peanuts in there. I like this! I like water pencils! I like mine! The peanuts have some hot lava in them. If someone eats those peanuts they will blow up. Hot lava is supposed to be grey because the peanuts made them grey. . . I like how mine is kinda. . . . .
. . .
Bianca: Kinda what?
Smith: Well, you don't need to know!!


19 February 2010

Winter Recess Camp: COLLAGE & ASSEMBLAGE

Hi! Hope everyone has been having a great winter recess this week!! While some of you went away for the break, others were in town and took part in our winter recess camp! We had a lot of fun and the kids made a lot of awesome art. All of our projects for this camp centered around the theme of Collage & Assemblage. The kids made: boxes inspired by Joseph Cornell, Surrealist magazine collages, crazy-fun hats (some of the kids made hats to wear for P.S.132's 100 things day), a collaborative tape collage on the wall, touch collages, nature collages, bean and rice mosaics, water color collages, monochrome collages, and a sound collage! Thanks to all of the kids who participated: Elena, Sadie, Vivi, Leo, Alice, Mela, Mylie, Wolfie, Hugo, Smith, Rene, Cougar, Ranger, and Sophie!!


15 February 2010

the colors in a monochrome

Rene: You have to color the whole thing!
Time: I'm not going to.
Rene: I'm going to color in the whole thing!
Time: Are you going to color the whole thing in too, sis?
Ever: Yes.

Izadora: I'm just trying different kinds of purple.
Ever: This is green!
Time: No, it's light blue.
Rene: That means it's aquamarine, right?
Time: I don't know.
Rene: I'm getting the corners. Hey, this is black! Is this purple or dark blue? ... I'm not gonna be done until it's full...
... Ever is putting it on her hands and rubbing it around! She's making hand prints!
Chance: That's a good idea!
Rene: Yeah! It's really good idea!!