15 February 2010

the colors in a monochrome

Rene: You have to color the whole thing!
Time: I'm not going to.
Rene: I'm going to color in the whole thing!
Time: Are you going to color the whole thing in too, sis?
Ever: Yes.

Izadora: I'm just trying different kinds of purple.
Ever: This is green!
Time: No, it's light blue.
Rene: That means it's aquamarine, right?
Time: I don't know.
Rene: I'm getting the corners. Hey, this is black! Is this purple or dark blue? ... I'm not gonna be done until it's full...
... Ever is putting it on her hands and rubbing it around! She's making hand prints!
Chance: That's a good idea!
Rene: Yeah! It's really good idea!!


  1. way to go!
    keep up the dialogue!
    time & ever's mama

  2. I love the kid's conversations and how they are so interested, appreciative, and supportive of the other kid's choices!

    Great projects and reporting,Bianca.