15 December 2009

gonna be terrific

Tristan: Orange, purple, green, blue.
Elena: I'm doing purple and red. Purple is my favorite color.
Tristan: Sometimes purple is sad.
Wolfie: If you do it really red it blocks the blue. Get out of here blue! Mine is gonna be cool! [Wolfie makes spaceship noises] It goes into space and it can be a planet. [to Max] What's yours?Max: Mine is Optimus Prime.
Wolfie: Mine is called [thinks about it] Robotic Planet. It goes into space and turns into any kind of planet. And then it turns into a spaceship.Elena: I love getting messy.
Smith: Me too! It's my favorite thing in the whole world!
Elena: Me too!
Leo: Mine's a spaceship.Tristan: Mine is really messy.
Wolfie: Mine is gonna be terrific when I'm done. I want the copper. . . mine is copper! [spaceship noises] I'm mixing colors. I mixed red and silver. And I mixed red and copper. [spaceship noises]
Smith: This is the first plane to be in America.Wolfie: Mine is the first transformer to live.
Smith: I'm not done. . . I'm done!
Emile: Mine is the first plane to be in America. I'm almost finished.
Wolfie: I'm painting the bottom. Do you know what's the problem with that? [Wolfie shows me the jar of copper paint] The copper paint doesn't block that much. Mine's gonna be cool [spaceship noises]. The bottom is copper and the top is going to be really cool because it has a lot of colors. [spaceship noises] The people don't walk on it -- they just stay still because the robot has a rectangle that moves them.
Thank you for making our fall session so amazing: Marley, Smith, Emile, Max, Elena, Wolfie, Oliver, Tristan, Leo, Ranger, Gemma, Ethan, Jack, Mela, Alice, Charlotte, Henry, Jahaan, Audrey, Stella, Lily, Zane, Lola, Rene, Aden, Chloe, Kai, and Izadora!!! And thank you to all of their parents, relatives, and caretakers for your continued enthusiasm and support.

Happy Holidays to everyone! Have a great winter recess!!

04 December 2009

button on thought

Chloe: I'm gonna make a UFO.
Rene: I'm gonna make a mother ship.
Kai: What is that?
Rene: Bigger than a real ship.
Kai: I made a super UFO. LOOK AT IT!!!Chloe: Do you know that if you have a dog you live longer?
Rene: Yeah, even if it's missing a leg.
Kai: Yeah, even if it has three legs [a little later] I made a hat! [button on head]Chloe: I'm gonna glue a thousand of them together. I'm glue girl! ... Look! The glue comes through the button holes because of the pressure!Rene: I wonder what happens when you clog the button holes...? [a little later] Guess what? I clogged it!