26 February 2009

scribble scrabble

In our class before Winter Recess a conversation on scribbling arose...

Skuli: Look at what I'm drawing!
Silas: That's not really a drawing -- that's just scribble scrabble.
Bianca: Scribble scrabble is a way of drawing.
Silas: But [Ms. X] says that we shouldn't scribble scrabble because it doesn't look good.
Bianca: It sounds like [Ms. X] doesn't like the way scribble scrabble looks -- but that's just her opinion. Do you like the way scribble scrabble looks?
Silas: Well, I wish I could scribble scrabble.
Bianca: You can!

Today we follow up on this conversation by bringing in a book on artist Jackson Pollock to show to the kids during our meeting. As we flip through the pictures Skuli shouts out --

Skuli: That's scribble scrabble!
Silas: Yeah! It's scribble scrabble -- but it's beautiful scribble scrabble!

After our meeting the kids have a whole lot of fun making beautiful scribble scrabble.

13 February 2009

mad Valentine

Today we are spending some time making Valentine's Day Cards. Reuben tells us that he had a bad day at school and he seems disconsolate. He chooses to sit alone and work by himself.

Suddenly Reuben holds up a Valentine that he has been working on.

Reuben: I'm mad! . . . I'm not going to give this to anybody because I don't want anybody to be sad.

The process of making art is a positive outlet for Reuben's frustrations. He uses his artwork as a powerful mode of communication; he wants those of us who are in the studio to know how he is feeling. Reuben makes a strong statement by expressing his anger with both words and image. Furthermore, when he explains why he will not give this Valentine to anyone he demonstrates an understanding for the roles that context and presentation play in image communication. In this case, Reuben expresses care and love to others through the absence of this Valentine.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone -- and have a great Winter Break!!!

05 February 2009

good looking out

Today Skuli is making a collage on a piece of lauan wood. He talks all the while, sometimes telling a thought directly to someone nearby -- at other times he speaks to himself.

Skuli: The green stuff is quicksand and the brown stuff is lava . . . you have to walk over the bridge . . . this is a circle . . . this is a mouth . . . the daddy turtle is in a haunted castle . . . the haunted castle has traps . . . the blocks make you crushed, the blocks squish you . . . the turtles never talk, their voices are so tiny because they're so tiny . . . that's a silly turtle, he only has one eye . . . these are paths . . . these are bridges for pirates!

A sewing project is beginning at the next table -- Skuli decides to go join in. Silas sees that Skuli has left his collage before securing the black strips of photo paper that lie on top. Silas grabs a role of tape...

Silas: I'm just taping this for him. I'm taping it down so it doesn't move.

Sachie seems concerned about the help that Silas is providing.

Sachie: Skuli, do you want him to do that?
Skuli: Yeah, cause I don't want to lose any of them.

Sachie and Silas each provide valuable support for Skuli. Silas shows concern for the preservation of Skuli's art, while Sachie is mindful of Skuli's authorship and intentionality.