26 February 2009

scribble scrabble

In our class before Winter Recess a conversation on scribbling arose...

Skuli: Look at what I'm drawing!
Silas: That's not really a drawing -- that's just scribble scrabble.
Bianca: Scribble scrabble is a way of drawing.
Silas: But [Ms. X] says that we shouldn't scribble scrabble because it doesn't look good.
Bianca: It sounds like [Ms. X] doesn't like the way scribble scrabble looks -- but that's just her opinion. Do you like the way scribble scrabble looks?
Silas: Well, I wish I could scribble scrabble.
Bianca: You can!

Today we follow up on this conversation by bringing in a book on artist Jackson Pollock to show to the kids during our meeting. As we flip through the pictures Skuli shouts out --

Skuli: That's scribble scrabble!
Silas: Yeah! It's scribble scrabble -- but it's beautiful scribble scrabble!

After our meeting the kids have a whole lot of fun making beautiful scribble scrabble.

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