13 February 2009

mad Valentine

Today we are spending some time making Valentine's Day Cards. Reuben tells us that he had a bad day at school and he seems disconsolate. He chooses to sit alone and work by himself.

Suddenly Reuben holds up a Valentine that he has been working on.

Reuben: I'm mad! . . . I'm not going to give this to anybody because I don't want anybody to be sad.

The process of making art is a positive outlet for Reuben's frustrations. He uses his artwork as a powerful mode of communication; he wants those of us who are in the studio to know how he is feeling. Reuben makes a strong statement by expressing his anger with both words and image. Furthermore, when he explains why he will not give this Valentine to anyone he demonstrates an understanding for the roles that context and presentation play in image communication. In this case, Reuben expresses care and love to others through the absence of this Valentine.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone -- and have a great Winter Break!!!

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