24 April 2009

lively lines!!!

Today we are looking at the artist Sol LeWitt, his methods, and his use of lines. By only using a set of lines -- straight, arced, dashed, and wavy -- the children are asked to make a drawing. Skuli refers to our chart of lines often while drawing, and tells us some of his thoughts...

: ...I did another straight line. I turned it into that arc. The arc looks like a rainbow. I did a really new new one... but what is it?

Samara: It looks like three angles to me.

Skuli: I like Silas's one. I'm gonna make a new one. I made one like a triangle. What's that down straight line? It's straight and it's down.

Samara: Yes -- It's a vertical line!

Skuli: I've got more to do here... I made a circle line... I made a straight line... I did something to this arc line...

I made a squiggly line -- Silas! I want you to try that one!

and if you put two arcs together you get...

08 April 2009

winter highlights

Today ends our winter session. What an amazing group of kids!!! We saw so much exciting art and experienced so much positive energy. Thank you to all of the parents for your kindness, curiosity, and support. And a special thank you to Asa, Chance, Eliot, Finn, Lola, Mela, Mia, Ranger, Reuben, Sachie, Silas, Simone, and Skuli for sharing your time, ideas, and creativity with us and each other.

Here are a few highlights from our time together...


01 April 2009

double hot dog

Silas: This is a sausage...I mean a double hot dog!

Now it's in a suitcase!

Now all of the owners are holding it -- lots of owners.

It's nighttime.