24 April 2009

lively lines!!!

Today we are looking at the artist Sol LeWitt, his methods, and his use of lines. By only using a set of lines -- straight, arced, dashed, and wavy -- the children are asked to make a drawing. Skuli refers to our chart of lines often while drawing, and tells us some of his thoughts...

: ...I did another straight line. I turned it into that arc. The arc looks like a rainbow. I did a really new new one... but what is it?

Samara: It looks like three angles to me.

Skuli: I like Silas's one. I'm gonna make a new one. I made one like a triangle. What's that down straight line? It's straight and it's down.

Samara: Yes -- It's a vertical line!

Skuli: I've got more to do here... I made a circle line... I made a straight line... I did something to this arc line...

I made a squiggly line -- Silas! I want you to try that one!

and if you put two arcs together you get...

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