02 May 2009

reddest red

Today in our Color Theory class we are thinking about the color red. I read a passage from Josef Albers's book Interaction of Color in which Albers discusses color recollection and perception. Albers says that the color red is different for every person: if a group of people are asked to think of the color "red" they will think of many different reds -- even if a group of people all look at the same red object still no one can be sure that each has the same perception.

In a box we have placed six red objects. We ask the children to come over one by one to see these objects and secretly point to the truest red.

Reuben comes over first and picks the red scissors. Mia is next, who picks the red ball of yarn. Finn picks the red feather. Last is Mela who picks the red scissors.

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