15 December 2009

gonna be terrific

Tristan: Orange, purple, green, blue.
Elena: I'm doing purple and red. Purple is my favorite color.
Tristan: Sometimes purple is sad.
Wolfie: If you do it really red it blocks the blue. Get out of here blue! Mine is gonna be cool! [Wolfie makes spaceship noises] It goes into space and it can be a planet. [to Max] What's yours?Max: Mine is Optimus Prime.
Wolfie: Mine is called [thinks about it] Robotic Planet. It goes into space and turns into any kind of planet. And then it turns into a spaceship.Elena: I love getting messy.
Smith: Me too! It's my favorite thing in the whole world!
Elena: Me too!
Leo: Mine's a spaceship.Tristan: Mine is really messy.
Wolfie: Mine is gonna be terrific when I'm done. I want the copper. . . mine is copper! [spaceship noises] I'm mixing colors. I mixed red and silver. And I mixed red and copper. [spaceship noises]
Smith: This is the first plane to be in America.Wolfie: Mine is the first transformer to live.
Smith: I'm not done. . . I'm done!
Emile: Mine is the first plane to be in America. I'm almost finished.
Wolfie: I'm painting the bottom. Do you know what's the problem with that? [Wolfie shows me the jar of copper paint] The copper paint doesn't block that much. Mine's gonna be cool [spaceship noises]. The bottom is copper and the top is going to be really cool because it has a lot of colors. [spaceship noises] The people don't walk on it -- they just stay still because the robot has a rectangle that moves them.
Thank you for making our fall session so amazing: Marley, Smith, Emile, Max, Elena, Wolfie, Oliver, Tristan, Leo, Ranger, Gemma, Ethan, Jack, Mela, Alice, Charlotte, Henry, Jahaan, Audrey, Stella, Lily, Zane, Lola, Rene, Aden, Chloe, Kai, and Izadora!!! And thank you to all of their parents, relatives, and caretakers for your continued enthusiasm and support.

Happy Holidays to everyone! Have a great winter recess!!

04 December 2009

button on thought

Chloe: I'm gonna make a UFO.
Rene: I'm gonna make a mother ship.
Kai: What is that?
Rene: Bigger than a real ship.
Kai: I made a super UFO. LOOK AT IT!!!Chloe: Do you know that if you have a dog you live longer?
Rene: Yeah, even if it's missing a leg.
Kai: Yeah, even if it has three legs [a little later] I made a hat! [button on head]Chloe: I'm gonna glue a thousand of them together. I'm glue girl! ... Look! The glue comes through the button holes because of the pressure!Rene: I wonder what happens when you clog the button holes...? [a little later] Guess what? I clogged it!

12 November 2009

cannon caps and painty snails

Bottle Caps
Jahaan: I'm making a ship.
Henry: I'm making a cannon.
Charlotte: I'm making a cannon too.
Jahaan: I'm making a cannon too. My ship's gone -- it's broke.Henry: When the ship breaks it sinks and sinks and sinks.
Charlotte: I'm making a ship and when it's gone I'll just have to make another one.
Jahaan: I gotta put a lot of glue down to make an ocean. I'm gonna be done, but I'm not done. (to Henry) Hey, what are you doing?
Henry: I'm just getting a lot of glue on my stick. I'm spreading some glue on my cap.

Charlotte: Look! I'm making mountains!Henry: This blue is pretty with two blues ... Look! It's a snail!Zane: Look! It's a monster! It's a big monster! But it's not.
Henry: Did you see my monster picture? I'm making it all painty and I"m getting all painty.
Charlotte: I made a hand print!Zane: I'm making it bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and...
Henry: Look! It looks like I have blue gloves on!!!

29 October 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

what tapes shape

Oliver: I'm making a rocket ship. Here's one leg.
Tristan: Leo! Look! That's "A"!
Tape is my favorite thing.
Oliver: Me too! I like to get sticky from the tape.
Tristan: But tape is not sticky.
Oliver: But it sticks to things. I'm gonna tape down the rocket ship to the groud. I'm making the oven in this spaceship. So I need a lot of tape. I'm really not done.
Elena & Tristan: Me neither! Me neither!
Oliver: I need a lot of tape to make the oven... Ta-da!
That's the spaceship and that's the oven, but I've still got more to do.
I really need to cover up my oven. Every oven has covers so a fire doesn't come.
Tristan: The fireworks light up in the night.
Oliver: Robot hand!I need red tape. Because I want it to be beautiful for mom. And mom loves red.
Tristan: Just your mom?
Oliver: Yeah, just my mom.
Tristan: What's your favorite color?
Oliver: Purple.
Tristan: My favorites are black and red.
Oliver: I need some black tape now.
Elena: This is where the trapeze flyers swing.
I'm making the circus. I'm using all sorts of colors.


09 October 2009

Body Action Painting

Today we roll out a big piece of paper on the floor and give the kids paint. Most of them begin this collaborative painting project by painting their hands and feet first.
Tristan: My hands are squishy!
Max: I'm painting my feet red, red like blood.
Maayan puts several colors on her hands and then, like rubbing lotion onto her hands, mixes the colors together.
Wolfie and Marley begin applying the paint to the paper with their brushes in dramatic motions -- throwing their arms up, slapping them down onto the floor, and then smearing the paint back and forth.
Tristan: Samara, we're making a dirty picture! Bianca, we're making a dirty picture! We're making a dirty pictures! [laughs] It's funny!!!
Elena: Look! I colored my skin!
Tristan: Ooo...! Dirty picture! Dirty picture! [begins to run around] Running! This is a running picture!

Max begins to run too.

Tristan: Running the gym ... this is a gym! This is a gym! Bianca, this is a gym! Squish, squish, squish, run, run, run!
Oliver begins to run too.

Oliver: Running picture! Running picture!
While Max, Oliver, and Tristan run around the perimeter of the paper, Oliver and Tristan chant...

Tristan & Oliver: Running gym! Running gym! Running gym! ...
Oliver: We're skating!
Tristan: Running ice skate!
Thank you to Megan Brand, our guest teacher today -- for joining us and transcribing the children's actions and dialogue!!!