29 October 2009

what tapes shape

Oliver: I'm making a rocket ship. Here's one leg.
Tristan: Leo! Look! That's "A"!
Tape is my favorite thing.
Oliver: Me too! I like to get sticky from the tape.
Tristan: But tape is not sticky.
Oliver: But it sticks to things. I'm gonna tape down the rocket ship to the groud. I'm making the oven in this spaceship. So I need a lot of tape. I'm really not done.
Elena & Tristan: Me neither! Me neither!
Oliver: I need a lot of tape to make the oven... Ta-da!
That's the spaceship and that's the oven, but I've still got more to do.
I really need to cover up my oven. Every oven has covers so a fire doesn't come.
Tristan: The fireworks light up in the night.
Oliver: Robot hand!I need red tape. Because I want it to be beautiful for mom. And mom loves red.
Tristan: Just your mom?
Oliver: Yeah, just my mom.
Tristan: What's your favorite color?
Oliver: Purple.
Tristan: My favorites are black and red.
Oliver: I need some black tape now.
Elena: This is where the trapeze flyers swing.
I'm making the circus. I'm using all sorts of colors.


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