09 October 2009

Body Action Painting

Today we roll out a big piece of paper on the floor and give the kids paint. Most of them begin this collaborative painting project by painting their hands and feet first.
Tristan: My hands are squishy!
Max: I'm painting my feet red, red like blood.
Maayan puts several colors on her hands and then, like rubbing lotion onto her hands, mixes the colors together.
Wolfie and Marley begin applying the paint to the paper with their brushes in dramatic motions -- throwing their arms up, slapping them down onto the floor, and then smearing the paint back and forth.
Tristan: Samara, we're making a dirty picture! Bianca, we're making a dirty picture! We're making a dirty pictures! [laughs] It's funny!!!
Elena: Look! I colored my skin!
Tristan: Ooo...! Dirty picture! Dirty picture! [begins to run around] Running! This is a running picture!

Max begins to run too.

Tristan: Running the gym ... this is a gym! This is a gym! Bianca, this is a gym! Squish, squish, squish, run, run, run!
Oliver begins to run too.

Oliver: Running picture! Running picture!
While Max, Oliver, and Tristan run around the perimeter of the paper, Oliver and Tristan chant...

Tristan & Oliver: Running gym! Running gym! Running gym! ...
Oliver: We're skating!
Tristan: Running ice skate!
Thank you to Megan Brand, our guest teacher today -- for joining us and transcribing the children's actions and dialogue!!!

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