04 December 2009

button on thought

Chloe: I'm gonna make a UFO.
Rene: I'm gonna make a mother ship.
Kai: What is that?
Rene: Bigger than a real ship.
Kai: I made a super UFO. LOOK AT IT!!!Chloe: Do you know that if you have a dog you live longer?
Rene: Yeah, even if it's missing a leg.
Kai: Yeah, even if it has three legs [a little later] I made a hat! [button on head]Chloe: I'm gonna glue a thousand of them together. I'm glue girl! ... Look! The glue comes through the button holes because of the pressure!Rene: I wonder what happens when you clog the button holes...? [a little later] Guess what? I clogged it!

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