12 November 2009

cannon caps and painty snails

Bottle Caps
Jahaan: I'm making a ship.
Henry: I'm making a cannon.
Charlotte: I'm making a cannon too.
Jahaan: I'm making a cannon too. My ship's gone -- it's broke.Henry: When the ship breaks it sinks and sinks and sinks.
Charlotte: I'm making a ship and when it's gone I'll just have to make another one.
Jahaan: I gotta put a lot of glue down to make an ocean. I'm gonna be done, but I'm not done. (to Henry) Hey, what are you doing?
Henry: I'm just getting a lot of glue on my stick. I'm spreading some glue on my cap.

Charlotte: Look! I'm making mountains!Henry: This blue is pretty with two blues ... Look! It's a snail!Zane: Look! It's a monster! It's a big monster! But it's not.
Henry: Did you see my monster picture? I'm making it all painty and I"m getting all painty.
Charlotte: I made a hand print!Zane: I'm making it bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and...
Henry: Look! It looks like I have blue gloves on!!!

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