31 January 2010

fiber collages

Elena: That's funny music [we're listening to a Silver Apples CD]. Why's that music so funny?
Smith: I don't know why. Maybe because they wanted to laugh at it.
Tristan: Look what I did. I sticked it on. I'm making a beautiful thing for my mom!All: Me too!
Elena: Mine's really pretty! . . . Look at this really long thing!
Oliver: You have to pick an object and then glue it down. Right? You know why I'm using a lot of glue? Because I'm gluing a lot of things so my mom be really proud!Smith: I think she will be!
Tristan: I'm really good at cutting. I'm just cutting little pieces.
Smith: See what I'm cutting?
Tristan: Wow! Are you finished?
Smith: No. I'm trying to make an "A".
Elena: It's doesn't look like one.
Smith: That's because I'm not done yet.
Oliver: I'm done! I wanna make a second one! [a little later, after starting a second one] I'm cutting out very cool pieces! These look really cool, right?
Smith: I'm making it all the way across.Elena: Look what I'm doing. I cut some of it. I'm making something really pretty for my mom.Oliver: Me too!
Smith: Me too!
Oliver: I gotta glue mine quickly! ... I'm making this for my mom.Elena: I think she's going to love it, Oliver!!


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  1. Bianca, I always look forward to the kid's work and comments about their own and their classmate's art. I'm impressed with the variety and content of thir work and am amazed how you have introduced them to those concepts in such an interesting and fun way.Kudos to both students and teacher !! GJ