19 February 2010

Winter Recess Camp: COLLAGE & ASSEMBLAGE

Hi! Hope everyone has been having a great winter recess this week!! While some of you went away for the break, others were in town and took part in our winter recess camp! We had a lot of fun and the kids made a lot of awesome art. All of our projects for this camp centered around the theme of Collage & Assemblage. The kids made: boxes inspired by Joseph Cornell, Surrealist magazine collages, crazy-fun hats (some of the kids made hats to wear for P.S.132's 100 things day), a collaborative tape collage on the wall, touch collages, nature collages, bean and rice mosaics, water color collages, monochrome collages, and a sound collage! Thanks to all of the kids who participated: Elena, Sadie, Vivi, Leo, Alice, Mela, Mylie, Wolfie, Hugo, Smith, Rene, Cougar, Ranger, and Sophie!!


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