11 March 2010

rainbow rice

Smith: We're making pictures of colored rice. I'm making concrete. It's a really messy job. My concrete is under glue.
Oliver: I'm drawing my mom because I love her. It has to be unique. Unique means it has to be different.Leo: Look what I've done. A little bit of rainbow.Smith: Everyone knows a rainbow.
Oliver: I do blue.
Smith: I made a purse right there. It has peanuts! It has exploded peanuts!
Oliver: I want some red.
Smith: This is kinda like pixie dust.Leo: I mixed the green and blue and white together.
Elena: What happens when I mix green and purple and white? . . . First I put green then I put purple then i put white and it made purple with a big white circle!Smith: Look what I made it's a pirate ship.
Oliver: I want some orange.
Elena: Mine's gonna come out beautiful!
Oliver: Mine too!
Smith: Now this rice is gonna stick to this piece of paper because there's some rice under this glue. It's supposed to be a building. Here's the monster. Here's his eyes!


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