26 March 2010

hot or cold?

Today we are thinking about the idea of "warm" and "cool" colors. At the beginning of the class we discussed why a color might be considered "warm" or "cool" and we looked at some colors together. We looked at how a color that is usually considered cool (blue, green, purple) or warm (red, orange, yellow) might really be the opposite (for example: a bright reddish purple could be warm). The kids then begin the project: to organize a pile of materials into a warm vs. cool collage.

Rene: Hot or cold, Time?
Time: Hot.
Rene: Hot or cold, Ever?
Ever: Cold, I think that's cold.
Time: Actually I think it's cold because it has some grey.
Rene: [to me] Hot or Cold? Bianca: What do you think?
Rene: Cold.
Time: I like Summer because you can go to the beach. [To Rene] Wouldn't it be cool if we could go to the beach together? . . . Hot or cold?
Rene: Cold.
Ever: This is my hot side and this is my cold side. This is cold because it's blue and this is hot because it's red. These are hot [points to pink pom-poms] and that is cold [points to a blue piece of paper]. Rene: [holds up a gold ribbon] This is hot right?
Time: That looks hot.
Izadora: This has to be Summer for tulips right? Do you think this is like a Summery one [holds up a green pom-pom]?Bianca: What do you think?
Izadora: Yeah!
Lola: This green has more blue in it so it's a cold color.


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