04 October 2010

making mountains

That's a giant shadow. I'm gonna make a little mountain down here. there I go. Look! Look!
[in corner of page] I'm not finished until the whole paper is filled! I wanna be done . . . no I'm still working! I'm putting a little mountain between the two big mountains. Oo! Oo! I have a long space up here -- I can put a long skinny mountain. It's the tallest mountain you ever saw because I'm using up the whole paper and the paper is very long.
This one's really cool. I choose this one because it's blue and blue's my favorite color. And I like snow. That's the big shadow. See the big shadow? Oo! I like this! And see that mountain over there? It really looks like a real mountain! Not this one over here -- that was an accident -- but this one [real mountain = the smudgy violet area in corner]!
Oo! I still have a couple space. This is a tiny mountain that's going to become a giant mountain. I always blow off all the dust.

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