21 October 2010

exactly real, kinda real, and definitely not real

Wolfie: What is Grey drawing?
Grey: This is definitely not a real thing.
Wolfie: I'm just gonna draw ordinary things.
Smith: Look at my jet and it has jets coming out of it!
Wolfie: Look what I did! I did the real circle parts on the wings.Smith: Look! Someone's sitting in it!
Grey: A pilot?
Smith: No, it's a truck-jet.Grey: What?
Smith: Nothing. . . Look! It's shooting into the air like a real jet-dog does!
Wolfie: I'm drawing the exact same thing [the toy-plane that I see]. First I'm drawing red cause that's the basic part of it.
Smith: I'm keeping the color right and kinda not right. I'm gonna draw this like real life -- like I'm on the sidewalk!
Wolfie: Look my lines got destroyed. My other lines just blended in with the colors, but look! That line got destroyed!Grey: I'm gonna cover up everything and see how it is. I want to turn that paint a color!Wolfie: What is that?Grey: I don't know. I'm just making something ... I made grey! I made my name!


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