16 January 2009

side by side

Silas pushes his sailboat between Sachie and Skuli's castles
As the kids come in and see the wood blocks on the table they begin talking...
Sachie: I'm gonna build something cool. I'm gonna make lots of cool things!

Skuli: Look at what I'm building -- it's cool!
Sachie: What is it?
Skuli: A spaceship.
Sachie: That's not easy!
Sachie begins building with the blocks and finds a bottle cap nearby.
Look at this!
Skuli: It's a bottle cap -- I can throw it in the garbage.
Sachie: No . . . I'm gonna use it!
Sachie places the bottle cap on top of some blocks she has stacked.
Skuli: Now it looks like a castle with that bottle cap!
Sachie and Skuli gain a lot by working side by side -- they delight in each others' innovations and receive encouragement from one another for thinking imaginatively.


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