23 January 2009


Today we have brought a mirror into the classroom for the first time. Asa, Reuben, and Finn spend time looking at their reflections, and then decide to create masks. Reuben and Finn quickly make masks out of paper, then use scotch-tape to stick them directly to their faces. Asa observes.
Reuben [to Asa]: You could make a mask too, you know.

Once invited, Asa makes a mask similar to the ones that Reuben and Finn have made -- but finds that there might be room for improvement...

Asa: It's too floppy for me when I first tried it on. I'm trying to make it not floppy. The wood sticks are supposed to go on my ears like glasses.
When Asa tries on his second mask he finds that it does not work the way that he had hoped --
then goes to get some thicker paper.

This should work. I hope it works.
Asa gets to the point where he is ready to make the holes for the eyes, but is not sure how to proceed.

I just can't make the eyes.
Reuben: Just poke the scissors through . . . I don't think that will fit your head.
Asa: Reuben, actually this is going to fit my head. It's giant! ...

I did it Reuben!
Reuben: That looks good.

By observing, testing out hypotheses, trying out materials, and asking for advice from his friend -- Asa gains confidence in his ability to think independently and work through difficulties.

"Let me be the one to do what is done." -- Robert Frost


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