21 August 2009

SUMMER! 3D Constructions & To Notice Things

Our fifth week's theme was 3D Constructions. The kids made sculptures from found objects, pipe cleaners, beads, and paper; created boxes inspired by the artist Joseph Cornell; created and photo-documented temporary arrangements of leaves, rocks, and sticks; and created soft sculptures from fabric, stuffing, and paint.
The theme of our sixth week was To Notice Things. During this week the kids created art while considering each of the five senses. The kids made touch collages; scratch n'sniff paintings; listened to sounds and then drew lines to represent those sounds; created two and three dimensional artworks from still-lifes and during a field trip to the flower garden at McCarren Park; and participated in a blind taste test of fruits and vegetables!

These last two weeks complete our Summer Camp series. It's been an extraordinary six weeks!!! Thank you to all of the parents for your interest and participation in our program. And a very very special thank you to all of the kids: Delilah, Elio, Ella, Finn, Gemma, Genevieve, Harper, Lucas, Malika, Mela, Mia, Oliver, Ranger, Simone, Skuli, Smith, Stella, and Wolfie, for your creativity, enthusiasm, and beautiful natures.

For more photos (including the photos that the kids took of their nature sculptures) please visit:


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